Mad Catz Cyborg V.5 Keyboard for PC

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Mad Catz C.Y.B.O.R.G. V.5 Gaming Keyboard for PC

Enduring Value

Stylish, programmable, and built to last, the C.Y.B.O.R.G. V.5 Gaming Keyboard is a modern tool designed for PC gaming dominance. Backlit, laser-etched keys help ensure you hit the right key every time when gaming in dim environments. Boasting a firm and quiet key response, upgrade to red night vision for those late-night fragging sessions. 



Precise Red Backlighting

Backlighting that’s too bright can strain your eyes in the dark, and dim backlighting is downright ineffective. The V.5 Gaming Keyboard’s default backlighting is set to a level that strikes a perfect balance of brightness and darkness. To enable perfect night vision, red light shines not only around but also through the laser-etched keys. And for those who prefer a little more or a little less, you have the option to make adjustments via dedicated brightness button.

Optimized Key Response

Although quiet, the keys’ consistent resistance provides excellent tactile feedback. Uniform spacing helps minimize typos – it’s very easy to type without accidentally pressing adjacent keys. And, the keys’ deep travel distance makes them equally adept at gaming as well as touch typing.



  • Red Backlighting for Optimal Night Vision

  • Firm and Quiet Key Response

  • Anti-Ghosting of WASD and Cursors

  • Programmable Function Keys 

Anti-Ghosting in Key Gaming Areas

The keys that see the most action during PC gaming – WASD and cursors – boast anti-ghosting capability. Even when pressing at least two of these keys you can still actuate surrounding keys. For example, if you’re pressing W and A to run forwards and left in an FPS, you’re still able to jump with the spacebar and press G to lob a grenade.


Fully Programmable Function Keys

Downloadable software gives programmability to all 12 function keys. Ideal for assigning macros to your favorite games, gain additional control of your gaming software with keys F1 through F12.


Built-in Audio Controls

Dedicated audio buttons remove the need to launch ancillary programs just to make simple volume adjustments. Increase or decrease volume levels, or entirely mute your audio, all while keeping the focus on your game.


Removable Wrist Rest

The V.5 Gaming Keyboard can change its footprint to adapt to your gaming area. Add or remove the wrist rest to get an ideal fit.


Tech Specs:

  • USB Connector Cable Length: 5.9ft/1.8m

  • Polling Rate: Dynamically Adjusting up to 500Hz

  • Programmable Buttons: 12 (requires software download)