Mad Catz Alpha Portable FightStick for PS4 and PS3

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A True Arcade Experience

The transition from standard gamepad to gratifying arcade stick can sometimes prove intimidating. But fear no more. Mad Catz cushioned the blow by creating the ideal introduction to an all-new level of control and precision. Arcade FightStick Alpha is a scrappy fighter sporting an ideal training weight. Alpha gives you a genuine feel for arcade battles, without the heft or customizable elements found within the world-renowned clan of Mad Catz Arcade FightSticks.


Superstar Brawler

  • Compact Design is Small in Size but Big on Features

  • Properly Scaled 6-Button Layout Simulates True Arcade Conditions

  • Ball-Top Lever Functions as Left or Right Analog Stick or D-Pad to Play Games from other Genres

  • Extensive 9.8ft (3m) USB Cable Minimizes Latency

  • For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 Systems

Authentic Fighting Game Layout

Arcade FightStick Alpha delivers everything you need in a fighting game controller, and nothing you don’t. You get a ball-top lever and a six-button layout that matches the spacing of Japanese arcade cabinets. Although we mimicked arcade layouts, this Mad Catz FightStick still accommodates all games for PS4 and PS3. The remaining two action buttons are out of the way for fighters, but still within easy reach for other titles.

Lock/Unlock Button for Uninterrupted Gameplay

A dedicated button disables Start/Options and Select/Share, and prevents use of the PS button. Alpha sidesteps worries of hitting the wrong button in the heat of battle.

Reliable USB Connection

The best fighters in the world gain peace of mind by insisting upon an arcade stick with a wired connection. Alpha’s lengthy 9.8ft (3m) USB cable not only provides a reliable, low-latency link to your console, it maintains a comfortable gaming zone between you and the TV.

Gaming Versatility

The Arcade FightStick Alpha is equally great for games that don’t involve life bars or intricate combos. A 3-way button enables the joystick to function as the left or right analog stick or D-Pad, opening gameplay for a wide variety of game genres.

Compatible with ALL Major Fighting Games

Whether it’s an old favorite or an upcoming title that you’re patiently waiting for, Arcade FightStick Alpha is ready to fight.